Meet the new mountain of colors in Cusco, this is the mountain of Pallay Poncho (Pallay Punchu – Apu Taqllo Apacehta), located on the boundaries of the districts of Layo, province of Canas and Maranganí in Canchis, over 4,200 meters above sea level, is an attraction with similar characteristics to the famous hill of Vinicunca or the mountain of seven colors.

Conozca la nueva montaña de colores en el Cusco, esta es la montaña de Pallay Poncho (Pallay Punchu – Apu Taqllo Apacehta), ubicada en los límites de los distritos de Layo, provincia de Canas y Maranganí en Canchis, a más de 4.200 metros sobre el nivel del mar, es un atractivo con características similares a la famosa colina de Vinicunca o la montaña de los siete colores.

Pallay Poncho of the Apu T’acllo. It is an impressive chain of colorful mountains recently discovered. The diverse pigmentation of the soil has given an impressive view to this place, which is accompanied by the “Langui” lagoon. The height shows the wonders of nature. The Poncho Pallay is the perfect option to get to know the best places in Cusco, without a doubt a place with great potential.

This attraction is located in the Peruvian district of Layo; one of the eight districts of the Province of Canas, located in the department – region of Cusco, three hours from the city. It is about 4700 meters above sea level.

This new tourist destination, known as “Pallay Poncho del Apu T’acllo” by the local people or Cerro de Puntas Filudas is already within the adventure plans of many travelers for the year 2021, is perfect for lovers of hiking, culture, customs and more.

How to get there

To get there from the city of Cusco, you have to drive for approximately three hours. The attraction is characterized by a geological formation of rocks with sharp points and with various colors similar to the ponchos worn by the Andean people. This area is only visited by locals, and there is no proper promotion.

Entrance fee

It has not yet been defined what the cost of entry will be, but taking as references Vinicunca, Palcco and Laguna Humantay, we imagine that the cost will be S/. 10 (about 3 USD ).

Climate and best time to visit it

The climate is cold and dry, during the rainy months it will be difficult to access, and during the dry months (May to October) will be ideal months to go, but the mornings are very cold and the afternoons are very windy.


  • You must be physically well and acclimatized to the altitude, just like Vinicunca, this mountain is close to 5000 meters above sea level.
  • You must carry a small backpack with everything you need.
  • Hiking shoes, sunglasses, hats, heavy-duty sunscreen.

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